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There is something profoundly satisfying about enjoying delicious food alongside a cold drink


New Olé

Our Delicious Story

There is nothing that cannot be achieved with determination, support and a dream on the horizon.

Who would have said that after only two years in the UK we were going to have our own business. It has been a tough but satisfying path, after which we are very proud of our achievements in locating a little corner of Spain in Wales.

And always grateful to all those who have made it possible for what in principle was just an idea to take shape with the name of “New Olé”

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Featured Delicacies

Freshly Cooked

Traditional Spanish and Mediterranean recipes

Spaghetti with King-Prawns

Spaghetti, garlic, King-Prawns, Cherry tomatoes, Mushrooms

Spanish Omelette

Spanish Omelette with or without Onions

Pork Shoulder

Luscious Roast Pork Shoulder in smoke Bbq sauce with potatoes and Stew


Tasty Chicken Wings cooked in Garlic and White Wine


Lovely typical meatballs served in homemade Tomato sauce

Seafood Paella

Delicious Traditional Spanish Seafood Rice     Dish


They All Love Our Food

New Olé is truly grateful for all the feedback we receive, this helps us to improve the quality of your experience.